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About Ceaseless

Welcome to Ceaseless

We are predominantly an end-game kin covering all end-game content.  We strive for excellence and completion in everything we do; and as our name infers, we don’t stop until we get there.

We have many players who have played LotRO for a number of years with experience in all aspects of the game.  Many of us have completed basically all game content to some extent.

Our officers and members are all very friendly and approachable and are happy to help where we can in providing information and assistance with any problems you may encounter on your travels through Middle Earth.

So,,,do you want to join Ceaseless?

Here’s a bit of an overview, a few ground rules, and expectations you may want to consider prior to applying:

  • If you want to join a kinship that’s fun, active, sometimes demanding, and strives for success then Ceaseless may be the kinship for you.
  • Raiding is usually booked in for weekends at about 4pm – 5pm GMT-5.  Impromptu raids occur frequently throughout the week depending on activity and availability.
  • Loot rules vary depending on the content being run.  With the new loot mechanic released with RoR loot rules seem to be a thing of the past however any content that requires a roll/pass rule is decided on either a DKP style system or class specific rolling.
  • We do run content with other players and sometimes team up with other kins to get the job done; but as a whole we try to keep our successes (and occasional failures) within the kinship, especially with scheduled raids. An official raiding alliance with Reforged and MD is established.
  • We use voice for communication and have a Ventrillo server for raiding.  You will be required to have vent and the ability to at least listen for nearly all raids.  
  • It is preferable but not mandatory that if you join Ceaseless that you bring all of your toons across to the kinship.  Being in multiple kins can cause conflict both socially and with raid times.  Applicants that wish to have characters in multiple kinships will be considered on a case by case basis dependant on their reasons.  
  • We have guilded crafters in all professions but it never hurts to have more.  It helps all of us out if you’re maxed in your crafting so get cracking!  
  • A friendly troll or piss take of other players and members is all part of the game but any consistent and malicious trolling will not be tolerated from any of our members.Also, what is said in kin chat(specially things that may concern non kins) stays in kin chat.Don't be the one caught linking chats meant only for the kin.
  • We expect the best from every single one of our members meaning we expect everyone to take constructive criticism if and when needed.
  • Exploiting, rank farming, or any other styles of cheating are not tolerated and will cause instant dismissal from the kinship.  No warnings and no exceptions.*We encourage the community to report any member of Ceaseless suspected of such activities.

As well as PvE content a number of our members also participate in PvP.  We encourage all of our members to get out to the Ettenmoors from time-to-time and help fight against the tyrannical forces of Sauron’s minions.  Some of us also flip over to the other side.  We don’t discuss them :p 

If you wish to know anything more about joining,feel free to contact any of our officers in game.

Ceaseless Officer Line Up


Kraumur Guardian (85)

Eaisiel Loremaster (85) Lythiea Rune Keeper (85)

Norfrid Champion (85) Patriotpea Hunter (85) (85)

If you are interested in joining our kinship click ‘Apply to Ceaseless’ located on the top left hand side of this page and complete the application. Somebody will get back to you within a week of submitting your application to let you know how you went.


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